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Fill Belly

Finest Biriyani

Vannakam to FillBelly in: 1. You’re a foodie dreaming about biriyani! 2.Your belly’s demanding large helpings of steaming hot, wood-fired biriyani. 3.You want it delivered to your doorstep. (Sure, but we need a day’s notice please!) 4.You heard about Fill Belly from a friend. 5. All of the above. We’re thrilled to be on the Web! Place your belt-busting orders on in advance and we’ll deliver directly to your doorstep in 24 hours. (We’re working on it to get it across to you faster – promise!) Or call on 7200082333 and ask for the Chief Biriyani Tambi! Fill Belly offers you a choice of biriyanis, kebabs, starters, accompaniments and desserts. (Yes, we cater and deliver to large parties.) Spread the word!

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